The Importance of Remembering

"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn." ~ Benjamin Franklin

 Dad instilled in me a great love for history. The question might arise on the importance of history.

History is fundamental to the person we are today. Looking back, we can understand where we are today. Writing down history is important because we need to have a detailed picture of an event. If we don't have a recorded record and rely on memories, those memories can be altered by a desire to have the past coincide with how we would have liked it to be. Even our most cherished memories can gradually change over time. 

Why then was it important to remember the 1965-1969 New Site Royals? Why was this event important?

The message I wanted to deliver is the importance of having a mentor in your life. It's essential. I didn't realize it until my own children were in school. I was naive enough to believe that there were other coaches out there like Dad. Only then did I come to comprehend how rare it is. Most of my children's coaches had only one thought in mind- to win at all cost- pushing a kid away that they didn't feel met their standards instead of developing a child with the desire to win. 

All children need to be connected to something in school. If you tell a child he's not good enough to do something he loves, what does that tell you about yourself? Instead, throw a child a lifeline. Give them a way to be a part of a team. It doesn't have to be basketball. It can be art, band, or computers. Just don't kick them aside to flouder and get lost. They may not be the star player, but who knows what they can accomplish if you show belief in a child. Reach out.

Dad cared about his players. If there was one thing that made stand out from other coaches and teachers is the fact that he cared if you suceeded in life. He taught you how to work for your goal and instill the belief that you can achieve you dream. 

The Measure of a Man is more than a story about a boy coming of age. The book is about the difference you can make in a life of a child. I know I can remember the people who made a differnce in my life, but I also have memories of how, at times, I wished I had some one to guide me. 

Kindness cost nothing.

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