A Legacy Left Behind

Yesterday would have been Dad's eighty-nineth birthday. Though he's been gone for thirty-one years, there is barely a day I don't think of him. Just the other day, I told my grandson something my dad had told me. My grandson takes theater in a small production of Rudolph. He told me he didn't want to go. He didn't like his part of Coach Comet. His exact words were it's not fun. What I understood was the fact that his character isn't a major part. He's young, only six. He should enjoy his activities, but he also needs to understand committment. Instead of going into the importance of finishing what you start, the first thing that jumped into my head was something Dad said. If you can't be the biggest tree in the forest, just be the best you can be. I told my grandson to be the best Coach Comet that anyone has ever seen. It seems to have worked. He told me after his last rehersal that he had a great time. 

I understand that it takes more than telling a child once that doing your best at anything that you do is what matters. It's being there for your child and helping them through mistakes because there are always mistakes. It's helping them manuever through the pitfalls of growing up and becoming a good person.

Dad taught me that. It his legacy.

The Measure of a Man was written for that exact reason. Winning in sports is the goal. In professional sports, it is the end to a means. I would say that would be true in college sports as well, but at the high school level and younger, it should be a spring board to life. The majority of kids won't play beyond high school. Then why is sports so important to youths. The answer is simple. It helps develop their character. I believe that was Dad's superpower.

He knew how to win...and he did. But he also understood what it meant to the kids that played for him. He was a great mentor.

The world needs more mentors.

I released The Measure of a Man during a pandemic. I had wanted to have a book signing but haven't been able to do so yet for one reason or another. So, I decided to offer signed books through Mamaw's Magnolia Way. Just a reminder that all proceeds go to The Lighthouse Foundation in Corinth.

If you like rooting for the underdog, stories based on true-life, and the triumph of the human spirit, then you’ll love this inspirational story. 

A perfect gift for the holidays! 


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